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Sizing a platinum ring

In regards to what Brad said, yes, you may fuse the joint or use 1700
(or less) solder in sizing a platinum ring but only and only if the
shank is thin and the work can be done quickly, if the shank is thick
do not use this method the diamonds will burn, stick to the 18k white
hard solder (what we use) or the 20k (never tried it).

Laurie in Connecticut, where we are suppose to get more snow…

I’m sorry but this is the NEW Millennium and with all the new
technology at our disposal,ie. lasers and 1300 plat. plum solders and
great teachers like Blaine Lewis there is absolutely NO reason to use
white gold for Platinum Soldering. And I see this shoddy work in my
front door weekly for us to straighten out. Welcome too 2001, A
Jewelers Odessy,Jeffery Lomax