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Sizing 18KY and Pt wedding band

Hello to All

I need to size down a man’s wedding band that is 18KY with a 950 Pt sleeve running down the center. See pics. The Pt is set into the 18K in a channel and does not show from the inside of band.

It need to be sized down a couple of sizes so compressing won’t work. In the past I have attempted to size this type of ring using gold solder but have had problems as the 2 metals do not expand the same with heat make a gap. I do not have a laser but do have a PUK. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


Sorry forgot pics

Hello fbroz. A laser would be great for this, but here’s a down and dirty way. After the ring is sized and the joint is perfect, get a stainless adjustable tube clamp - like used on car engines. I like the type that uses a screw to tighten the clamp. Put the ring in and screw the clamp tight around the ring. Check the joint-it must be perfect. Flux and use gold solder as usual. The clamp keeps the joint together as the solder flows.
Remember, I said this is down and dirty. The purists will shudder, but if you can’t use a laser the clamp method might be how to accomplish the job.
Judy in Kansas, where another bitter winter storm is coming.


Thank you! You are a genius. I have used clamps and locking pliers in the past but had never thought to use a hose clamp.

Franz on the coast in central Calif. where yesterdays storm did a lot of damage with more coming.

Hello Franz,

Wish I could claim credit, but the hose clamp hint came on Orchid many years ago. I was in the same predicament as you, and asked for help. It worked for me.

Judy in Kansas. Bummer about the storm damage. I call this weather weirding!

If it was a large-scale fabricated ring, you might be able to tell the maker from the markings in the inside of the band and contact them about an exchange.