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Simple Green at Home Depot

Hi All, I just wanted to let everyone know that Home Depot (At lest
the one near me) is having a special on Simple Green. You get a
140oz Jug and a 22oz Spray Bottle Bundle for like $8.49-ish…
Good Price… Good Product…


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Simple Green is also great for cleaning your shot in your tumbler.


Could you�please elaborate as to what this “Simple Green” is ?

Thanks in Advance,


Simple Green is a very good cleaner. It is easy on the skin while
being tough on the dirt / buffing compound. It is also biodegradable
I leave a bowl of it near my sink. When I finish buffing a piece, I
put it in the bowl for a few minutes or a couple of hours (depending
on when I get back to it). The compound is mostly dissolved by that
point, and a light pass with a toothbrush or soaked cloth normally
takes care of the rest. I don’t use an ultrasonic very often

I might’ve missed this if it was mentioned, but where can I get
Simple Green? Is it sold internationally under the same name? Does it
have a generic name? What is it? Thanks

Ariella Merklin

It is sold in most grocery stores. It’s quite common, sold most
anywhere you buy your cleaning products.