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Simple bracelet with 100 random set CZs

Simple Bracelet with 100 random placed gypsy set 2mm CZs

I’m going to make a simple bracelet using United Metals 18g Platnet
sterling (which has 6.2% platinum) The bracelet will be size 1.5" x
5.5". I’ll be using 100 machine cut 2mm CZs I plan on getting 2.5 CZs
for the 2mm holes I mess up on.

I’m new to gypsy setting which hart bur should I use 90 degree or 45
degree 70 degree? I’m planning on using a 1.8mm hart bur for the 2mm
CZs and 2.3 hart bur for the 2.5mm CZs.

OK a stupid question; Must you form it into a bracelet before you
set the stones? It would be so nice to work with it when it’s flat.

I’m thinking on getting Foredom’s Allset for pave because I may be
doing more if these if it turns out like i think it will.

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.
Craig Kontny