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Silversmithing programs left?

Greetings all:

I recently had someone from the UK contact me via my website, asking
about post-graduate educational opportunities to study
silversmithing in the US.

As I was answering her, I discovered that all the serious
silversmithing shops that were around when I was coming up are gone.
Washington Seattle and Washington St.Louis are gone, RISD, RIT and
Cranbrook may still have the gear, but aren’t focused on raising/
silversmithing the way they were once-upon-a-time. So who’s left? I
know there are several people teaching workshops, but I can’t think
of a big school shop that still does much at all. Is there anybody
left? Please tell me I just haven’t been paying attention, and
there’s actually a thriving bunch of new schools that’ve come up
while I wasn’t looking.

Brian Meek.

I do know that the Cleveland Inst. of Art still has a good program.
They are affiliated with Case Western Reserve University since they
are right next to each other.

Laurie K