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Silversmith in or around Jacksonville, FL?

Hi all, I’m trying to connect a friend of a friend with a
silversmith in theJacksonville, FL area to do some custom work. She
is looking to have made alarge cuff bracelet as well as a headdress.
Far too large for my makeshift shop capabilities. I think the work
will also require some etching/engraving. I’ve no idea her budget,
but I did point out these are hefty pieces and sheseemed to
acknowledge this isn’t going to be an inexpensive project.

I don’t know this woman personally so can not attest to her
attitude/ease towork with/ability to pay. I’m just trying to get
some referrals for her andhopefully make a connection. If anyone is
remotely interested, let me know and I can forward photos of what
she needs to your personal email.

Whomever does the work will have to be open minded about folks
celebrating the religion of their choice!