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Silver woven necklace

My 98-yr young mother gave me this necklace. She said it was old. It appears to be old silver and is made of flattened jump rings. There is no metal mark nor hallmark that I can find. it is 16" long and quite heavy. Please point me where to look. I have checked on line for metal woven necklaces without getting close.v-chain%20maile%20silver

Take it to a reputable jeweler and have them test it.

Once I know the metal, where do I look for any sort of value other than scrap?

Unfortunately,you would probably only get scrap metal for it.


It sort of looks like an Indian (India) style chain choker/ collar necklace…

I tried a google image search, but nothing similar showed up

I tried googling Indian chain choker collar necklace and saw some similar items…that might point you in a good direction…

try googling variations of those words, and perhaps others you might think of…


(maybe take out the word “chain”…too broad)


Hi again,

oh, maybe also try adding the words Bib (necklace) and Statement (necklace)

Also, you may find similar on Ebay and may learn more about potential pricing…


I wonder if the necklace is actually a netting of tube (bugle) beads connected by jump rings? If I could see the detail more clearly, it would be easier to tell. Just a thought.

Thanks to each of you. I have learned, through your ideas, that this might also be called a fringe necklace. Still searching. I will persevere. Still working to determine actual metal.

Amykarash, it looks to me like thin flat wire was scribed with a liner tool. (Gerry Lewy taught me.) This was then used to form flattened jump rings to assemble with 2 sizes of round jump rings. No soldering apparent. The only beads are those at the ends of each section. They are round (5mm).

Thanks Ginger for the ‘free’ advertising…:>) Every bit helps, this is just what Orchid/Ganoksin is all about!!!

Have considered contacting a museum that specializes in jewelry? A curator might be able to identify the style or they would could help you with your research. The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum has a great collection, as well as Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Arts and Design.

Ratchosonz thank you so much for the idea. I will pursue it. I would like to get close in value.