Silver turning black on me

i never had this problem before i had cancer…trust me of all the
issues cancer has brought this isn’t the most major but it is the
most frustrating. i work in silver and wear it almost 100 % of the
time. i have this viking knit 20", was beautiful, now black. can’t
bring it back to silver with just silver dip i usually use. rings
the same thing.

any clues or ideas for super cleaning silver…or should i just
consider everything antiqued. i crochet with the stuff and want it
pretty and bright silver.


Hi Pat,

any clues or ideas for super cleaning silver...or should I just
consider everything antiqued. I crochet with the stuff and want it
pretty and bright silver. 

How about an ionic cleaner for the stuff you’ve already made? Or the
old aluminum foil and baking soda treatment?

For the future, you might consider using Argentium Sterling Silver.
I’d suggest pre-treating it for optimal tarnish resistance by putting
it in an oven, kiln, or toaster oven for about two hours at 400-580
degrees F. I like to put the silver in an open Pyrex dish for this.
If it discolors, just pickle and rinse. For further info about
Argentium Silver, see my article Road Testing Argentium, which is on
Ganoksin, my website, and

I hope you’ve got the cancer beat! It is strange and interesting how
body chemistry changes due to various medications, etc…

Best wishes,
Cynthia Eid

Hi Pat,

The silver is almost certainly turning black because one of the
drugs you are taking is releasing a sulphur or selenium compound
which is being excreted in your sweat. Its an effect that will
continue as long as you are on that drug but should cease soon after
you stop taking it. Maybe you can identify which drug it may be by
looking at this web page which lists quite
comprehensive for most anti-cancer drugs…

Good luck and take care,
Ian W Wright
Sheffield UK

Sorry about your problem, Pat. Have you tried deliberately oxidizing
your silver pieces, then taking most of the oxidation off (maybe
leave more inside a ring shank, etc.) and seeing if that stops/slows
some or most of the “body” oxidation? I oxidize my base metal jewelry
both for the shading contrasts and to slow/prevent the tarnishing
and/or the marking of the skin that can occur.

All the best,
Judy Bjorkman