Silver-Titanium alloy


I am looking for on a silver-titanium alloy. Apparently
one was developed and advertised in Metalsmith magazines “a few
years ago”. So I am currently making my way through the various
issues to find said add. In the meantime, has anyone heard of this
alloy? I’ve tried googling but to no avail. Professor Ulla Mayer is
currently researching this type of alloy but it is not yet
commercially available.

thank you
Eileen Procter

I am looking for on a silver-titanium alloy. 

I can’t help you with that, but thought it might be worth mentioning
that I met a local materials engineer at a party a few years ago who
had grown gianr single crystals of a titanium/gold alloy. He was
very disappointed that the process was not picked up for some
industrial application, and clearly considered it basically a
scientific oddity. He did say he made a pair of earrings for his
wife out of it.

I don’t recall his name, though I could get it if somebody wants to
buy his process…