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Silver spot $'s ?---[YAK]

This stuff about the silver makes me think — for one thing, it’s
a nuisance, but the cost of the raw silver shouldn’t be that much
of the cost of your pieces, shouldn’t raise you rprices that much,
right? Might even raise demand.

Secondly, if I’m buying water out of the bathtub and the tap is
always on, I’ll do real well for a while — I have ten thousand
dollars and I can buy a lot of water at ten cents a gallon. But,
if the water runs at a gallon a minute it’s not going to be but a
few days and I’m going to run out of money. If these dudes have 20%
of the world’s silver, how many years are they going to be able to
buy that much? Especially since as the price goes up there will be
more and more production. I think they are planning on running
the price up and getting out before the whole thing crashes. It
might last a year, I would be surpriced if it goes longer — you
would have to plug in the real numbers to really predict it well.

Roy (Jess)

I think this investor has to be very careful. There are a lot of
silver mines all over the world that would go into production if
the price becomes right. There may be governments that need to
convert to cash, some of their holdings. In other words the
things that halted the last silver increase are all still there
waiting for the right price. Remember it did hit $50./oz. but
only for an afternoon. Steve Ramsdell