Silver sheet online / Rough estimate 14k casting

Mical, We carry silver sheet on line at Todays’
price is 7.74/ounce and goes down from there the more you order.
Todays’ price on 14k grain is 14.716/dwt and down from there the more
you order. You do not have register at our site. Please fell free to
contact me if you have any other questions.

Santa Fe Jewlers Supply

Somebody else mention Thunderbird supply, in Gallup NM. They do have
a pretty nice web site - SS sheet, for one. As for 14kt. shot - maybe you know this

  • To estimate, get today’s spot - we like - multiply
    that by .585 - that’s 14kt. (.75=18kt) So, gold today is $338 x .585
    = $197.73 per oz. 14kt. Divide that by 20 for $/dwt., divide by 31.1
    for $/gm. To estimate gold for a wax, weigh the wax and multiply
    that by 13.4 (the s.g. of 14kt-15.5 for 18kt.) We use 24kt any more,
    but back when we bought 14k, we were paying from 3% to 6% over spot
    ($197.73 + 6% = $209.59), depending on quantity and the like. If you
    go to some smaller places (or buy wire or tubing), you might pay 20%
    over - tubing is more like 100% over- but then that’s tubing…
My question is: Is there a source for silver sheet available online?

Hi there Mike, I’d recommend Starr Gems (Tucson), Just click on Catalog Index and you’re off to
a great start!

Hope that’ll help you out, Carol

Hello Mike in Michigan,

In answer to your question about ordering sterling sheet on line

and pricing 14K casting grain: go to the Rio Grande website and order their gems
and findings catalog. There is a $10.00 charge, but you get a
$10.00 certificate to use on your first order. In addition to
printed example prices/dwt on precious metals, the catalog has
instructions that show you how to calculate the actual cost of all
their metals based on the current market price. You will notice that
the cost/dwt changes with volume, so giving you a rough estimate is
difficult without knowing how much you want to buy and the current
price. Once you have the catalog, you can order online.

If you qualify to buy wholesale, go to Stuller’s website: and register. Request catalogs also.
Their findings book is a very handy tech reference as well as a
listing of all their metals. Stuller’s on-line ordering works well
and you can see current pricing on what you purchase. Not to mention
their stellar reliable and speedy shipping!

Hope this helps, Judy in Kansas

Have a look at


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