Silver Service repair & plating

Judy- The Bron-shoe Company ( Yes, tthe same folks that turn your
baby’s shoes into keepsakes that Granny will trasure forever) in
Columbus, OH does a nice job of repairing and relating just about
anything you can think of. Don’t have a phone No. or complete address
handy, but if I recall correctly, they’re on Alum Dr. in Columbus
Ohio. Directory Assistance should be able to take it from there.
Alternatively, a full service jeweler in your area probably runs a
plating sale once or twice a year - but then you’ll have to add his
markup to Bron-shoe’s already pricy repair list? If you have problems
finding them, give me a yell at mdbiscay and I’ll dig into
the old file cabinet for the full address, etc. Good luck.

Mike Biscay

I tried Bron-shoe a couple of years ago. They were expensive, very
very very slow to return the pieces and substandard work. Maybe it
was just quite bad luck that time. Anyway I wouldn’t use them again. Rebeca