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Silver rose

Dear Orchidians: Every day I enjoy reading all the posts and learning
a little something more. Today I am on a quest: I have a client who
would like 3 life size long stem roses, and I am looking for either
a) someone who has already made these and has them to sell or b)
advice on how to proceed to make one that will be realistic. Thanks
for your thoughts, Kim, in Peterborough, north of Toronto, Canada.

Kim, There is a place in Stocton, Ca. yhat Gold plates roses and
other flowers. Maybe they do silver also. The name is "Gold & Roses"
Ph.1-888-223-4367.Maybe this will help.

Harold Momany
Ofelia’s jewelry

Kim, This is the way I would go about making a rose. 1. Use fine ga.
silver for the petals. 2. Roller print a texture on the surface of the
silver. File folders give a silky texture much like a real rose petal.
3.Take a rose apart and use the petals as a template. You won’t be
able to use all the petals, too many in a real rose (perhaps you can
cast the very center of the rose). 4. Have real rose stems cast. 5.
Fabricate your petals. 6. Solder everything together. This is alot of
work, but if your sucessful you’ll have a beautiful piece, much more
realistic than a cast rose.

Kim I have a pattern for exactly that in my library if you send me
your adress off orchid I will be happy to send you a photo copy of
same ( I would scan + send but aol never seems to send correctly )

have no idea if it would help, but i have a design for a crochet rose
of fine silver wire, it is on my site at

i would be glad to send you the pattern for it, if it will help.
Lapidary Journal should have the project for one of the workshops,
but i’m not sure when, i have the directions all worked up already.