Silver production in New Brunswick

Hi all

An article in the “Daily Gleaner” of Fredericton, NB two days
ago reported that Brunswick Mining and Smelting who’s primary
production is zinc (220,000 tons/year) and lead (no production
figures) was upgrading it’s silver recovery capacity from a
present 200 tons per year to an anticipated 400/450 tons per year
by expanding and modernizing it’s silver recovery facilities at
Belldune, NB at a cost of $7,500.000.00.

It had long been rumored that the gold and silver alone
recovered in their operations was enough to pay their entire
workforce of some 525 employees. A byproduct of zinc production
is sulfuric acid, sulfate rock imported from Florida is ground
and mixed with the acid on site and made into fertilizer then
shipped by sea and rail to all parts of the world.

The weight’s for the silver recovery is in avoirdupois and not
as jewelry would weight it making for one heck of a pile of
silver. The ironic part of all this is that I cannot buy a single
oz of silver in New Brunswick. The proven ore reserves at the
mining site is another 25 years.

I thought the above would be of interest to some.

…Leo Doucet…Fredericton, NB…Canada…