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Silver prices increase

Hi to all

I just came back from Taxco, and the prices have doubled since 3
years ago.

Silver prices have gone up about 25% in the past three weeks, the
ounce being about $ 36-, and the kilo $1220-

What do you make of such an increase ? Do you think silver will
continue climbing ?

I import and make silver jewellry, and must admit to being quite

Also, aside from Kitco, what’s the best website for silver prices ?

Thanks !

What do you make of such an increase ? Do you think silver will
continue climbing ? 

If I knew, I’d be writing this from my cabana on Kauai.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

I just had my mother’s coin collection appraised, and the dealer says
invest in silver - he thinks it will more than double by the end of
the year. Time will tell if he is right… I’m thinking I need to
stock up on wire and sheet!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Buy low. Sell high. What goes up will come down.

Just last week silver gold and platinum took a dive. Plat and gold
went down 30 and 40 bucks an ounce over night, then came back. Who
knows what will happen next?

Don’t forget the late 70s. Oil and metals were sky high. 40 dollars
and ounce for silver and over 100 dollars a barrel for oil. Then we
had decades of $4-5 silver and $30 a barrel for oil.

Oh, and let’s not forget the housing market of the last decade. Still
if I could be wrong. If I were an expert, I’d be rich.

Just don’t forget that when we keystone our materials to the
customers, the higher the cost of materials, the more mark up we
make. 2.5 times $100 is a lot more than 2.5 times $20.

This gives us a chance to make our work seem even more precious and

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

I just bought another Sunshine Mine ingot at $37 a couple days ago,
and was amazed to see it up to $38 already.

I have a feeling that crafters are going begin to treat today’s
silver as yesterday’s gold, if they have not already.

Andrew Jonathan Fine

silver and gold increased because they were marketed as ETF’s not
many years ago, this was result of collaboration of gold producers
and commodities people bought like stock, look under ETF’s in Times
financial for silver. no need to “take delivery” or trust the holder
of your metal, as was previously done i advised in a post a while
ago to buy ETF’s silver (you can open a schwabb account for free)
then cash it in when need to buy silver.

a caveat,the capital gains tax may be 30% for these metals as
opposed to present 15%


ps of course silver $$ may also go down so its up to you a lesser
effect is that metals and oil are sold in Dollars,look at drop in our

pss as to where the ETF’s hold the metals is interesting