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Silver - Platinum alloy

Saw a “new” alloy at tucson, a 5% PT / 95% Ag mixture, selling at
about $20 per ounce over respective spot price. visually, looks
pretty much like fine silver.

starts at about 7200 brinell, heat treats to about 7800, melts at
normal sterling temps plus about 100 degrees.

would anyone use this in place of 14/18 kt white?

Mark Zirinsky, Denver

That silver/platinum alloy sounds like it might be great for those
of us who want the color of silver but need a non-tarnishing alloy!
Anyone know about it’s working properties and tarnishing properties?
What is Tucson? A store?

Janet in Jerusalem

What is Tucson? A store?

Tucson is the largest store for gems and jewelry related items for 2
weeks a year. Tucson is a city in the Southwest US in the state of
Arizona which hosts the largest gem show in the world in February.
Sam Patania, Tucson