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Silver Plating Question

I have recently started playing around with silver plating. I use
Rio Grande’s Non-Cyanide plating solution. (The MSDS lists the
ingredients as Silver Succinamide and Potassium Hydroxide.) I have
experimented with plating little pieces of copper foil, 1 inch square
(2 square inches of surface counting both sides) at different current
densities (milliamps/square inch of surface). I have tried current
densities ranging from 10 to 100 milliamps/square inch. All tests
came out pretty well but the plate was matte white/gray rather than
shiny silver. The finish can be hand polished to look real nice but
that is an extra step and if I’m not careful, I can polish right
through the plate. I have three questions:

  1. What is a typical, or recommended current density (ma/ for
    plating with this solution?

  2. How thick is a typical plate for something that will receive
    little wear but is mainly for display?

  3. Do you know of some additive that will act as a brightener for
    this solution? Rio does not offer one.

Thanks for any help. …Bob Williams