Silver plated coffee pot question

I’m going through my late mother’s things, and have reached a coffee
pot that is silver plated. We’ve cleaned it, and part cleaned up
nicely. Part remains an ugly dull gray - am I correct in guessing the
plating has worn off on those parts that stay gray and won’t come
clean? If I’m not right, any ideas or suggestions? Happy to send pics
off list if anyone wants one…

Beth Wicker

Hello Beth,

I can help you and I’m fairly certain what the problem is, but I
don’t want give you a definitive answer until you provide a couple of
high-definition images.

Looking forward to seeing what you have.

Jeff Herman


How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of and
we will upload them for you…


Yeah send a pic :slight_smile: CIA