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Silver Pickling Protocol


The reason for quicker acid deterioration is the increased
effect of the acid on hot metal as it removes the copper to a
greater depth of penetration. I don’t use it all the time but
when I do larger pieces it results in a more even annealing and
I use a lower concentration and have good


There was a thread awhile back claiming that quenching silver in
hot pickle somehow left acid IN the silver and would irritate the
wearer’s skin. I thought that sounded a bit far out but someone
eventually came up with a pretty good explanation of why that is.
Since then I always quench in plain water, dunk in the pickle and
after removing from the pickle I dunk in water and baking soda
solution to neutralize the piece. The baking soda part will save
the rollers on your rolling mill as just cleaning in water won’t
get all the pickle off and will put nasty stains on your
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