Silver oxidizer that doesn't turn gold orange?

Are there any silver oxidizing solutions out there that turn silver black before gold goes orange?

I recently ruined an almost perfect pair of earrings by re-oxidizing the backs with diluted liver of sulfur XL gel, which seeped through the holes where the diamonds were flush set and turned the 22 kt that I had fused on the front to an orange resembling copper. I’ve had some luck in the past using regular liver of sulfur, not too hot, with sterling or argentium and 18ky pieces, but not always. I thought I’d have better luck with 22k not turning, but no. I have also found that if I need to re-oxidize, it’s best to remove all oxidation first - which I’ve done by fluxing with handy flux, heating just past the liquid state and pickling, repeatedly; and an occasional weak nitric dip - argh. Thanks for reading…