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Silver mountings, a call for wire, amber

Aloha Ken and All Orchid List Members, Your answers may lie in the
following companies:

1- Tripps Manufacturing if you don’t have their item number
from their catalog, I recommend calling, the web site won’t help.
Discounts with bulk purchases. 1-800-545-7962

2- R-Findings Attn: Ann If you request for their catalog,
they may send you a gift certificate for 10% of your first purchase;
restrictions on the gift certificate. They list prices at triple
key so speaking with a person is best for an order; discounts with
bulk purchases. 1-800-422-7624 Attn: Ann ATTN: Ann

3- Fire Mountain Gems not very inexpensive but very service
friendly; discounts with bulk purchases. 1-800-423-2319

4- Swest Inc. Has 3 wonderful catalogs, call for accurate
prices 1-800-527-5057 Hope this helps all of you as it has helped our
company with findings, and wire.

does any one know a good source for purchasing .999 fine silver wire
16 & 18 gauge at a good price? 14ky gold square wire at a great

Has any one every cut and polished amber? We have several very
large pieces and a sizeable amount of grams arriving that will need
to be cut and polished for our projects. Any assistance with AMBER
is greatly appreciated.

Our company is taking bids for having some of its unusual agates
mounted in Sterling and 14ky Gold if the prices are right. We are
accepting bids on approximately 12 items should the prices be
feasible for us at this time. Any company interested, please reply
and I’ll fax you an outline plus the mm size of each stone. Prior
to acceptance, we would like to see some of your finished pieces;
either fax or .jpeg, .gif, or . E-Mail me at my personal address
off line: @myredcar

Much Aloha, Barbara
Hawaiian Quizine Collectibles, Ent.