Silver models in pewter molds

We just tried molding some silver models in white metal/pewter,
black, rubber disk molds and the silver models are sticking to the
rubber during vulcanization. This doesn’t happen with pewter or
thermoplastic models. We have tried talc as a separating agent with
no success on silver. Can anyone suggest how we can stop the silver
models from sticking to the black organic rubber molds?


To keep sterling models from sticking to black, organic rubber
molds, you can coat the model with Dykem blue layout fluid. It’s
available at any machine shop type supply company. Some jewelry
suppliers, like Contenti, sell a similar product just for this

If you switch to silicone molds, you won’t have this problem.


Gold plate them

James Binnion

Greg, Are you sure the rubber is fully vulcanized? It will stick
until the last few minutes.

Tom Arnold