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Silver mirror

Good day to everyone, I have a customer who owns a sterling silver
hand held mirror, approximately 13" in length which needs the mirror
replaced and to be refinished. The mirror looks like the corrugated
cardboard backing is showing through and leaving an impression on
the mirror.

Does anyone know of a source for such a repair?


Hi Laurie,

If the mirror is silvered glass it would most likely have been
silvered by applying a chemical solution consisting of silver
nitrate (if I recall correctly) plus (I think) ammonia and some
other chemicals. The process is often used in making home-made
telescope mirrors and the formula for it can be found in Albert
Ingalls “Amateur Telescope Making.”

Hans Durstling
almost but not quite yet in transit

I came across this the other day looking for something else. If you
go to special services they do mirrors. Is this what you are trying
to do?

Warren Townsend

Laurie, Jeffrey Herman, the director of the Society of American
Silversmiths, specializes in sterling restoration and repair. He is
masterful–quick, efficient, and precise. You can contact him
through the SAS website: Or, e-mail him at


here is the process for the resilvering:

You don’t want to do this yourself. I echo Cindys advise : Or, e-mail him at 

He should be able to get the job done best . He probably has
contacts who will do high quality mirror resilvering and he will
complete the whole job. jesse