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Silver & Gold Recycling

This is a pretty basic question, but I seem to have forgotten the

I work largely in silver at the moment, but I just finished my first
gold ring and I’d like to do more gold work, so my question is…

Should I keep my silver and gold filings and sawing dust seperated
from each other? or does the refinery seperate them in their

Also, will the refinery take stuff like Vermeil, Gold Fill, Gold
Plate and should those all be seperated ahead of time?


Refiner should be able to process any scrap, but you should keep it
separate for your own control. If you know that you are giving
refiner 14k scrap, you know what to expect from him in return. If you
are not sure of the quality of your scrap, then you would be in no
position to question the return from your refiner.

You can do all of those things or not. You might speak with your
refiner and ask them what would be the best way for you to receive
your best return. Refiners pay out differently according to how they
refine. For example, if you have a bunch of gold fill, plate,vermeil,
etc you would probably be better off saving that stuff up seperately
from your cleaner ss and gold scrap. [I would probably just put that in with your sandpaper and lint from your buffer,etc]. But ask your
refiner, I know from experience that the cleaner your scrap the
better your payout can be. But they do have basic categories, and
they tend to be different with every refiner.

Good luck Dennis