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Silver for m edical use

I have been asked to make a silver nasal splint for someone with
a deviated nasal septum. He has an example given to him by the hospital but they no longer provide them post surgery. He is about to have more surgery and wants replacement splints.

  1. It is called a Francis splint developed in 1905 will there be any intellectual /copyright.
  2. Should I use sterling silver, it is for long term use. Thought there might be an issue with the copper component over time, being in contact with mucous membranes, argentium or fine silver. Think fine silver might be a bit too soft.
  3. If the splint is successful ate then rules over supplying ‘medical’ equipment. I’m in Wales, UK.
    Advice gratefully received.
    T hanks

Hi Patsy,
Ted here, im in Dorset, and I can help you with this.
fine silver is fine for this splint, or titanium.Ive masses of it and will give you some to make this medical appliance!.
Any chance of a picture and dimensions? You canot supply the hospital on account orf their insurance rules, you will need to make it a private gift to this person.
I had this experience myself with a modified brace I made for my fracture support for my broken leg.
Write to me off list.

Dont worry about the copper. Copper is antibacterial. Silver is hypoallergenic. Stainless steel holds up better. Titanium is what most replacement joints are made out of.

Any patent on it would have expired by now.

You would have to look up UK laws regarding medical devises.

Good luck. Aggie

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Thanks Ted
This is really helpful. I have replied to your email.

Thanks Aggie
I thought this might be the case.