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Silver findings cost


Would like to explore the possibilities relative to silver
findings in the mexican market! really can not stay in the
American market with the cost of findings from: Rio, Thunder.
That is, for the little guy! I understand that if I were buying
50/100 etc prices would be OK! But the little guy really must
concentrate on the silver market with a look toward to the Gold
market! The labor kill you until you have a REP!

Any contacts in Mexico? Have been advised of 1 or 2
cities/towns that MAY offer ‘findings’.


Jim R



Try Ballou in East Providence, RI. Though they have a $200
minimum order, they have everything and they are one of the
biggies, Rio, Thunderbird and IJS order from them.

800.729.3347 is the toll free #
401.434.3336 is the fax #

Good luck

Harry Butterfield
HP Trading Co.


A little known fact about Ballou is the do contract casting (or
so I was told). Very nice quality findingd in gold, gold filled
and sterling.

Rick Hamilton