Silver Etching Supplies

I have researched etching sterling silver here and online. I have
tried the electro-etching with OK results. I am now interested in
trying the nitric etching described in the archives. I am looking to
purchase a small quantity of ferric nitrate or diluted nitric for
this purpose. I will be traveling to Jackson, MS next week…anyone
know where I can buy some supplies there?

As always, thank you,


You can order nitric or ferric nitrate from Bryant Labs.

Nice people.


Karen, on my last visit to Bryant Labs (Berkeley, California)
earlier this fall, I was told they would be closing soon. Apparently
it is a family business and they will be ceasing operations. I hope
this doesn’t turn out to be true, but if it does, does anyone know of
an alternate supplier of ferric nitrate?


Hi Mona,

Getting Nitric to St Maarten in the Caribbean was a major mission
for me. It was solved by

Sent it properly packaged, and for me, a good price too. Nice people

Cheers, Hans.


I’ve gotten a small batch of ferric nitrate from this place:

Tonya Miller

This is where I have been getting citric acid, sodium bicarbonate,
boric acid, sodium carbonate, etc.

Ferric Nitrate, Nitric Acid, patinas,etc. from Triple S, JT Baker or

Ferric Chloride from Dalpro