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Silver Breath

Wow - I think I got a wake-up call today. I’ve been polishing a lot
of silver items but haven’t worn a mask as the dust seems to just
settle to the floor and I didn’t notice that I was inhaling any. No
sensation of breathing in dust. This morning I was standing at the
sink making some tea and just exhaled normally, and out came a small
cloud of silver dust ! Whoa ! Reminds me of when I was a smoker (quit
20 years ago) and even hours after my last cigarette, sometimes I
would breathe out and smoke would come out. Off I go to Home Depot to
the dust mask department…

Brian Corll
Vassar Jewelers

unusual to have that much Ag in your system…if your skin has taken
on a greyish cast i’d be heading to an allopathic doctor and getting
some bloodwork done…that high a concentration of silver,
exuded/exhaled through your lungs sounds severe and dangerous…if you
are taking “colloidal silver” i’d stop its use, and remeber that if
you are using a chemical polish to wear nitrile gloves ( the
disposable kind are cheap and reusable and fairly impenetrable by
poking wires, sharp edges, etc.)…never the less, if you are exhaling
silver dust a respirator with good cartridges may be the best
protection you can use at this point, a mask is just not enough