Silver / Brass

Hello! I have a question about metal weights- I believe silver is
heavier then brass- and if that is so, how much heavier? I made a
model in brass to cast on my lathe (wax kept breaking- I had to use
metal) and I was trying to figure out how heavy my final piece will
be (they are earrings). Also I need to do a little soldering. I was
going to sold a silver jump ring on to the brass piece. I don’t care
if the metal discolors because it is a model for a mold. But does
silver have a higher melting rate then brass? And do you think I can
use silver solder? I never soldered brass before.

Thanks in advance!

Dede, Sterling silver has a specific gravity of 10.41 and 70/30
brass, a typical alloy, has a specific gravity of 8.5. So yes, the
silver is heavier. You can silver solder a silver jump ring to the
brass model. The melting point of brass is 1750 F, sterling is 1640
F. You can use any silver solder, but since it is for a model, I
would use Easy, which has a melting point of 1325 F. Joel

Joel Schwalb