Silver box suppliers in the UK

Dear all, I’m a silversmith and have recently been commissioned to
make some silver items for a wedding party, two of these are silver
boxes. Although I am just about competent enough to make these from
scratch, I am not fast enough to turn a profit on them and was
wondering wheather anybody could suggest a wholesale supplier of such
things within the UK (price range is under =A350). If I could find som=
ready made pieces and customise them it may be worth doing. Thanks in
advance, Chris Penner


I would advise you to take care here, you may end up breaking the
"UK Trades Discription Act" If your customer is expecting a hand
made box and you present a mass produced item, no matter how you
tinker with it, you could find yourself in trouble with the trading
standards office. Also remember there is an ethical principle
involved here, and your customer is trusting you with a task for a
very special day. Regards Alan Lewis UK