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Silver assaying

Hi all I have been enameling on copper, but would prefer to move up to
silver. If I want to sell my work in the UK how do I go about this?
Does every piece regardless of size have to be assayed and marked? Any
would be appreciated. Thanks Dave

Hi Dave If over 7.8 grams must be hallmark for sale in the UK .For
more details ,try Sheffield Assay Office

David Sheard

The UK assay offices will be able to answer your questions in detail
but briefly…

Except for very small items it is a criminal offence to sell and item
as gold or silver if it has not been hallmarked.

You will need to buy a registered punch from them to identify
yourself as the maker and then send in each piece, together with it’s
chain or other bits, for hallmarking before you enamel it.

They will charge you for each item.

In striking the hallmark they often mar the work, sometimes using
such force as to bend or distort the piece. Often the mark comes
through to the other side of the piece as a bump in the metal. In
order to avoid this you may need to ask them to mark in a specific
place or warn them about the fragility of the item. They enjoy working
with craftspeople and are usually very helpful.

You will need to think about the hallmark as you design!

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone