Silver anti-tarnishing treatments

In my never-ending quest to keep the silver jewelry in our store
shiny and free of tarnish, I’ve been experimenting with various
manufacturer’s polishing cloths, and recently ordered some liquid
polishing pastes (Silvershmith’s Polish made by Hagerty, Silver
Polish by Connoisseurs, and another silver polishing liquid made by
3-M) and an aerosal-type spray made by Haggerty called Silversmiths
Spray Polish. All of these pastes and sprays are supposed to leave
some kind of anti-tarnish film or residue on the jewelry to retard
future tarnishing.

Has anyone had any personal experience with these or other products
which are supposed to slow down the rate the silver will tarnish once
it has been cleaned? Have you found one to work significantly better
than the other, or do they all basically work the same?

Also, do any of you use the black anti-tarnishing paper strips made
by 3-M in your showcases? I’m sure they would probably work well in
a fairly closed environment, but how about in a showcase which is
opened and closed continually throughout the day?


I use the Connoisseur’s dry polishing cloths and the strips which
work well but find that, ultimately, if the silver is exposed to air,
you are going to need to polish it to keep it looking nice.

– Dee Dee