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Silver anti-tarnish dip?

I am looking for a “dip” to coat sterling that protects it from
tarnishing, does something like this exist? I have used the spray, but
you can “see” the spray which leaves a sort of dull haze on the
piece. Thanks Lee Skalkos

Hi Lee, There are anti tarnish strips that can be put next to your
silver to keep it from tarnishing. Rio Grande probably carries

There is also a product that cleans up tarnish fairly well and
easily, however it does not prevent it.The product name is Silver
Blue. I think the company is located in one of the New England
States. If I can find the phone number I will email the

Diane Sadel

Yes there is a dip, its called Tarnish Sheild, for Midas. It works on
gold and silver. You dip it for ten minutes, then rinse. I found it
in Rio Grande catalouge. Their also online . Once
again, don’t work for them, just a satisfied customer.