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Silver alloys for enameling

Hi All,

I’ve got an enamelling problem. Using transparent colours,
particularly white (clear) and pink, on any silver other than 99.9%
fine is very tricky in my experience. But casting fine silver is not
only problematic, it is often too soft. Of course by repeated firings
and pickling one can reduce the surface of sterling to quite nearly
pure silver, but where multiple firings are required after
enamelling, problems of discoloration begin to show again. I am
interested in what alloys have been used successfully just like fine
silver. Actually I have used an alloy with a quite high zinc content
with fairly good results, but inconsistent.

Does anyone know an alloy that works consistently?


problems of discoloration begin to show again.  

I’ve had the same problem trying to enamel on depletion gilded
sterling. I use fine but hydraulic press my pieces to make them hard
before enameling.

Donna in VA