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Silicone gasket

Hi orchids I use replacement silicone gaskets and i have often
problems with the pressure.I find that if the gasket is little burned
it works but if its new it does’nt.the vacum machine is working
perfect so the problem is the gasket.Any advice?

I usually use a smear of high temp grease (disc brake grease) on both
sides of the gasket. A little smelly, but a good seal.

Michael Doogan

Hi gasket troubled person! Try sanding your flask on the end that
will be in contact with the gasket. I use a carbide sandpaper on a
very flat surface and sand using some pressure in a circular motion
until the whole edge of the flask is smooth. Hope this helps. John,
J.A.Henkel Co.,Inc., Moldmaking Casting & Finishing

This is what I did rather than spend 15 to 25 dollars per gasket each
time one was worn out I went to my local rubber supplier and bought a
roll of neoprene rubber. 3 feet wide and 1/8 inch thick and 25 feet
long. It is the same material and you can cut your own gaskets out
with a pair of sissors. The best part is that It only cost 88 dollars
for the roll. I can use a new gasket for every casting if I wanted to
it also has a lot of other uses around the shop and home.

Hello Nikiforos, Sometimes a silicone gasket will leak from between
the gasket and the machine itself. If you smear a bit of water on the
table and then put down the silicone gasket, this will usually allow
you to draw a good vacume. Also a bit of plaster or other foreign
material underneath will prevent a good vacume. Have fun. Tom Arnold