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Sil Phos

I trashed the original with the question but: Sil phos is a
copper- silver - phosphorus brazing alloy family that is used
for copper brazing primarily. They are self fluxing and very
fluid. Thery don’t make a good collor match but they are strong
on copper. They can be used on brasses but are not always good
since they don’t all form as strong a joint on some of the opther
copper alloys. They are available from about 5 percent silver to
about 15 percent silver. Joining metals with a filler metal that
melts lower than the base metal and over I think its 800 degrees
F officially but about 1000 F degrees is a reasonable dividing
point. The common tin -lead etc solders melt below this and are
solders. Therefore all jewelry type work is Brazing not really
soldering in a technical sense. Jesse

Sil/Phos is a 15% silver phosporus brazing. It is used for
Refrigerant lines. The copper lines have to be heated to nearly
red hot to braze with sil/phos. I don’t think it would have any
Jewelry applications. Also when used with copper it is self
fluxing and can be used to fill gaps .

In jewelry work the quanities of gas used and the smallness of
the work are more forgiving than larger jobs with respect to

gases. They should have more respect for the potentials

Dan Wellman