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"Signing" your work


Dear Orchidians, I am at the point wanting to sign my work and need
some tips on the pros and cons of stamping vrs signing with a
vibro-engraver (?) or whatever. In the case of stamps, what
specs/sizes are appropriate for most jewelry applications? I am in
need of something that is bugdet conscious and applicable both to
rings (smaller areas), brooches, bracelets, and pendants. Any
recommendations on where to order stamps would be appreciated also.
Good Day and Cheers. Bruce


Hi Bruce, Remember the tiny --.4mm–round burr I gave you in class?
I use that to sign my work. I also stamp some pieces, even
prestamping a small bit of sheet and then soldering it to the piece.
Stamping will always last longer, but isn’t always practical and
won’t allow you to stamp “bronze”, etc. (unless you have these stamps
made or can find them.



Hi, Bruce! Last year I researched this subject. In my case the best
was a unexpensive engraver from Radio Shak. I do mostly beading and
use a wide variety of metals and styles. The engraver allows me to
sign any metal in any design. I also found the little tags in
Sterling and Gold filled at Rio Grande but they do add to the cost
of the piece. In these trying financial times the engraver was a
cost effective and versatile solution for me. And it adds to the
"tough of hand" feeling of the piece. I love it, it’s like signing
a painting. Hope this helps. Vera Battemarco


Hi, I purchased a stamp from Indian Jewelry Supply
( I sent them a copy of my signature and they reduced
it to the size that I wanted. It has been years ago since I
purchased it but as I recall is was very reasonable. Michael