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Shurline and platinum mill / lathe

I would like to know if anybody has used the Shurline products
(Lathe/mill) for work on Platinum Gold and Stainless steel.

If you can offer any insights plese let me know as I am considering
this purchase. Or any other advise on different Firms.


It depends on what you are going to use it for. I have been using
the 7x10 mini-lathe from Harbor-freight tools with quite a bit of
success. If you would like further info on the 7x10 mini, email me.

I use all of the Sherline equipment. It is EXTREMELY versatile and
very high quality for its very low price. I cut only grade-5 titanium
with it, and it handles it just fine. You must realize its
limitations and take SMALL cuts at each pass.

I would HIGHLY recommend their products.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

I’ve only used my Sherline vertical mill on brass and gold, so far,
but I’m extremely pleased with it. It’s very precise, and quite easy
to set up and use. You can get them already set up for CNC or add that
capability as you go along, but I haven’t done anything in that
direction yet and can only predict that it will be just as good as
anything else I’ve gotten from Sherline.