Showcase search

Can anyone help me in my search for showcases? Just small enough ones
for exhibiting. Maybe if anyone knows someone who custom makes them.
Looking forward to getting responses, Jacqueline Sanchez
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For a cheap alternative to small tabletop cases, get plexiglas box
type picture frames, hinge them, and back them with thin plywood,
which you can pad and cover.

Janet Kofoed

I know of 2 places off hand:

Lisa Krikawa

I have a pair of Arizona cases and love them. I know someone who has
used her set 15 years and they are in like-new condition!

L.J. Smole

I recently ordered display cases from dynamic display. They have the
advantage of going up and down in 5 minutes and have lots of custom
options. Paul Wilton at 1-800-928-7637 or The pictures on the web site
don’t show the cases with the formica skirts which will totally
enclose the legs. Betty Belmonte

I have some small show cases made from picture frames. Each case uses
2 identical frames. I used simple oak frames. One is outfited with
glass as usual, the second one is fitted with ‘foam core’ board which
is covered with your desired surface: felt, fabric, etc. Then the two
frames are positioned back to back and hinged along one side. A
simple clasp or hasp closure is on the other side. These cases can be
outfitted with wire to ‘hang like a picture’ or laid flat on a
surface. By choosing deeper frames one can have a good usable space.
If anyone has further questions feel free to contact me.


Try JOMAR Display Cases in Nacogdoches, TX. Owned and operated by
John Dodd. His cases are very well made and are available in many
sizes and configurations. 1-800-428-0042 or 1-409-560-2146. Route 2
Box 2875, Nacogdoches, TX 75961 Mike Fritz Lone Star Technical Services
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I never purchased from this company - but this lead came up in an
earlier thread on the subject and they looked very nice. They were
very personable when I made a phone inquiry. Cynthia