Show seminars on the net?

Hello Everyone,

For those of us who can’t attend all the jewelry shows, are the
seminars posted anywhere on the net? If not, are there plans to
do so in the near future? Some of the seminars sound A-One, and I
would love to read 'em on line. Thanks RW

R.Wiens, Recently there was a chat on “artmetal” one of the many
locations of ArtMetal Village. The highlighted Artisan was Mary
Hu. I was unable to participate in the chat, but Keith Farley
uploaded an extremely useful synopsis of the chat, questions and
answers along with jpegs of Mary Hu’s work and techniques
outstandingly done, lengthy and concise. Teresa

RW: Take it from someone who used to be of the same mind as you
about shows. Attend Tucson if you, like myself, are interested
in the nuts-&-bolts. (and I assume you are since you’re here.)
Attend LA, Vagas, FLA. if into sales & promotion. I just
returned from Tucson and found so much info, material and made so
many connections that I would highly reccomend it. There’s much
difference between reading about it and being there!