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Show listings

Dave Sebaste asked

“Does anyone know where I can find a listing or listings of local
and/or regional arts and crafts shows, preferably in the
southeastern U.S.? …” Well …

  1. Try your local or state arts organization - ours is the Ohio Arts
    Council - and try those for your surrounding states also. OAC
    publishes an annual list of festivals, shows and competitions,
    available for postage. Your friendly local computer should be able to
    get you addresses, etc.

  2. Sunshine Artist magazine is a prime source of show info, ratings,
    tips, and topics.

  3. Likewise, Metalsmith, American Craft, Art Calendar, and Ornament
    magazines always carry show listings, calendars, etc. - a well
    equipped newsstand, bookstore, or library should carry these.

Best of luck!

Mike Biscay


AJM Online at, has its entire events
calendar online. You will probably find what you need there.

John Harvey