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Joe, I just ordered a wood case that is portable. built like a
suitcase with handle. plexi top for viewing. about 5" deep 3ft by
4ft. had to install a liner but was easy enough. cost me $75.00
and looks great. i am also in Houston, in the Heights. if you
want to stop by and have a look email me at
@Frank_Goss. i give you my address and phone number.
Frank Houston, tx.

Do you mean "tie downs" as in ropes into the ground?  What about
on concrete and other hard surfaces? or maybe I don't know what you
mean by tie down.....

Tie downs are those red, yellow, or black ribbed nylon(?) straps
that are threaded through a clasp that closes with teeth against
the strap. They are used for tying down all kinds of things,
luggage on car roof rack, motorcycles on trailer beds, etc. You
can find them in auto departments of all major discount stores.
The best deal I found on them was at a Sam’s, four in a package
for around $12, I think. Make sure the ones you get have a heavy
strong clasp, don’t go for the cheaper ones with light weight
clasps, those bend from stress.

I stand the weight up on the ground, loop the tie down strap
over and around the canopy corner support and then down to the
weight and through an “S” hook attached to the PVC weight. You
then tighten the tie down by pulling on the strap or cranking the
clasp (depends on the type you get) until the weight would be
pulled up from the ground with one more tighten. Leaving the
weight on the ground is better than hanging it. It pulls the
canopy down and does not create stress on the corner joints.

I use my weights on concrete and on grass. If it rains, the
ground get soft and stakes tend to pull out with high wind,
although if I’m on grass I use stakes in addition to the weights.
With my grids and 8 weights I have between 200 and 240 lbs. of
weight holding my canopy down. I’ve been in some storms where
almost everyone around went airborne but me. I can stand rain,
cold, heat, and perhaps snow, but wind scares the hell out of me!


Hi Joe,

Sorry it took me so long…it’s starting towards show season and I
am getting busy. I live in Northern Illinois BTW. Most indoor
shows have electric available, but they almost always have a limit
on how much of it you can use, so you need to check that out.
Outdoors, sometimes they have it…sometimes it’s limited to a
small percentage of booths, so you can’t count on it! Any other
questions, let me know.