Show in Moscow

Hi. My name is Susan Sanders and I am the current chairman of the
Washington Guild of Goldsmiths, and show chair for a planned exhibit
in Moscow, Russia. Invitations to submit are offered to all jewelry
artists in the Washington D.C area, including all of Virginia and
Maryland, close in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. A case
could probably be made if you are slightly farther away. The short
story is that we have been offered a show in 2004 at the Museum of
Decorative and Applied Arts in Moscow. Michael Monroe will be
curating the American half of the show. Unfortunately, we are on a
very tight deadline and need slides more or less immediately! They
don’t have to be the actual pieces, but must be representative of the
work which you would enter. For more and for
applications, email me at : @Susan_Sanders, or call me at 703
836 1611 between 11:00 -6:00 EST. Thanks!