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Show fees

Hi, We are not the only business in which you pay to be rejected. My
father and stepfather are both salesman. They both pay for their
travel fees, their cars, their presentation materials, hotels etc. and
then hope they sell themselves well enough to get an order. Totally
different industries and I would say this is fairly common. I do agree
the application fees are too high but we are certainly not alone.

The reason we don’t know how much they make off of us? With publicly
funded entities you frequently can, you have to ask for a copy of
their annual budget/report, same with non-profits. With promoters of
course you don’t! Any more than you have a right to demand to know how
much your dry cleaner or favorite diner makes off your order, the only
way to voice your objection is to not apply and tell them why…of
course there are usually ten people willing to step in and fill any
gap you leave.

These things are harsh…but they are what you deal with when your
creativity grows from being a hobby to being a business, and all in
all I still say it’s a better deal than any of the galleries I have
dealt with.