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Show Booth

A while ago, I asked about table options. Now I’ve moved away
from the table and gotten pedestals from the Elaine Martin Co.
(they have a web site). They’re counter height. It’s three
cardboard tubes with a cap at each end to hold them steady (put a
brick in the bottom for outdoor shows). I put three together,
(it’s about 6 feet long or so.) have a custom fabric cover and
then two pieces of plywood, covered with batting and then
matching fabric. It’s very light, easy to set up and fits in my

Here’s my question: What’s a cheap, easy, quick way to get a
glass top on this? I need to order an abstraca catalog…and I
know about those aluminum portable cases that fold down…I’m
looking for something bigger than that and more expensive

Thanks, everyone for your input.



I went the abstracta route, but found it a major pain to set up
and tear down. The first few times I used it, my neighbors had to
cover their ears!:wink: Some people leave their cubes assembled,
but space requirements for transport prevented me from doing
this. So, a nice woman I met at an outdoor art show gave me the
name of a company in Dallas, TX, that sells glass connectors
that you’ve probably seen in many situations. All you need is to
have tempered glass, 3/16" thickness (safer than regular glass),
cut to your specifications for tops, fronts, sides, and backs
(optional). Order the “Tempered Glass Connectors” that you want
to form the boxes you desire. They offer 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way,
hinge and hasp styles in chrome and brass. I use two 2-Way
connectors for each side of my boxes. When I ordered mine, they
were about $.77 each connector. Order extra! When you order
your glass, be sure to have them grind the edges to prevent cuts.
This system has the added advantage of also being cheaper than
an abstracta system. The only tool you need for setup is a flat
head screwdriver. Very quick to set up!

The company is Bell Store Equipment Company in Dallas, TX.
Phone is (214) 630-8881, or (800) 257-2355, Fax (214) 630-8898.
I hope these numbers are correct, still. It’s been a couple of
years since I ordered from them. They also carry Gridwall
systems to use as backdrops, or you can even make triangular
columns to use as bases for your tables. They have a complete
line of display setups for all sorts of stores, including jewelry
stores, as well as display items for anthing you can think of.
BTW, they sell tempered glass for their connectors, but I found
it was easier, and a bit cheaper, to just get it cut to my specs

I know many jewelers prefer to use plexiglass for their displays
(safety concerns, and it’s lightweight), but I found at outdoor
art shows the plexi scratched too easily from floating dust
(dirt!), and it’s expensive to be forever replacing it.

Hope this is helpful!

Judith Marsh