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Should I cast my pieces?

& Searching for a Casting Co.

Hi All,

The first question I know is a highly personal decision: Should I
cast some of my designs? To this one I believe I have answered
’yes.’ I want to produce multiples, I want to start selling
wholesale (w/ in 18 mo.) and can not produce enough product on my
own to meet a high volume order, should I get one. I would begin
with casting just one or two of my most popular designs. I work in
silver so I would need molds made etc.

I would love to hear advice on that whole process: Casting options,
having multiples made, what to consider, questions to ask a caster

Secondly, I am looking for a good casting company in the Eastern CT
or RI area. I would like to work with someone who produces a high
quality product (silver) and is willing to work with me to the
degree of being willing to answer the many questions I have (ie.
someone who is happy to work with a ‘newbie’). And, should I work
with someone locally? Does this make the whole process easier?

Thanks very much for any input/advice.

(If I do not respond right away it is b/c I am still trying to
figure out how to reply to messages - whenever I try and click
’reply’ my email system shunts me to an Outlook set up that does not
work on my computer!)

~Kristen Brown

If I am making a piece with multiple parts, I will make a mold of
each different part, before final assembly and then make a mold of
the final piece. I will then be able to duplicate each piece or use
the individual parts in other designs. I have many mold for
different sized findings that I have made and that are not available
commercially. It saves me a lot of duplication time. …Teddy

I highly recommend Richard Halstead at A.M. Schaller casting in RI.
He walked me through this exact situation with lots of fabulous
advice. I have been very happy with the castings he produces

Carina Rossner

RaceCar casting is a wonderful company who will work with you to
answer all your questions. I have found their attitude to be if they
help me sell more then I will be a better customer to them so it is
in their best interest to help me. They are in RI.

Sam Patania

Hello Kristen, I recommend Racecar Jewelry for casting. Daniel Grandi
is very knowledgeable and is in Cranston RI. Website is Contact him and ask
your questions.

No association other than a satisfied customer.
Judy in Kansas, which is a Loooong way from RI!


Race Car Jewelry in Cranston, RI. Dan Grandi is the best!

Good luck,

Thanks to all for your replies. Just looking at Racecar’s website
tells me I am in for an excellent experience.

Best and warm wishes,


Congratulations on making the decision to move forward with having
your pieces cast. It seems as though you’ve really though through
the decision and looked at it from not only a business standpoint,
but also from your perspective as an artist. There are obviously
many things to consider when working with a caster and evaluating
your needs is the first step.

At MJSA, we have a lot of technical on working with
casters as well as a detailed list of casters in the northeast that
you might look into working with. On a personal note, I have dealt
with one of our members - a designer from Arizona - who had to ask
the same questions and ultimately made the decision to work with
Racecar, a caster in RI. She might be a very valuable resource for
you and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind speaking with you about some of
the hurdles she had to overcome. She If you email me off-list, I’d
be happy to put you two in touch. We have also recently posted a
Guide to Subcontractors on our website that features articles on how
to work/ communicate with subcontractors effectively. It also
contains a list of subcontractors and service providers. The Guide
is free to MJSA members or can be ordered from our site for $12.95.
I can also send you a list of casters and point you in the direction
of some casting related articles we have available.

Orchid members, contact me off-list, and I’ll do my best to get you
a copy of the Guide.

Best Regards,
Travis Searle
MJSA Membership Coordinator

Daniel (at Racecar) is fantastic! By far… one of the best.