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Shortening a mesh chain

I have a mesh chain that a customer wants me to shorten, and I’m not
sure the best way to go about it (or if I should even bother). I
thought I would pick some brains here to see what my options are. It
seems almost like the clasp finding is pinched on, not soldered. When
I checked Rio’s chains, it seems to be what they sell under item
#632-651. It’s certainly a more expensive chain (not like just a
simple cable chain or such), so it’s not that easy to just tell her
to buy a new one at 18", but then again to shorten it might be a
bunch of trouble & end up costing at least as much! Seeing how fine
the mesh is, I can’t imagine the trouble just to clean it up after
the work is done, assuming there actually is soldering involved.

Any insights or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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