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Shor's Simplicity gold refining system


Hello Everyone

My name is Bela Kovacs,I’m living in Romania. I’m interested in
small scale gold refining (maybe 300-500 grams/month), because we
don’t have any reliable refining companies in our proximity. I’m
interested in other techniques than the ones that are involving
strong acids, because of the very strict regulations we have. Can
anyone give me some advice about the Shor International’s Simplicity
gold refining system? It looks interesting, but I would like to read
some comments about it.

Thank you


Kovacs, I used the Simplicity for several years until the time I had
was better spent on the production of jewelry or the raising of my
kids. Now I use Hoover and Strong here in the US for my gold
refining. I found the Simplicity easy to use and very satisfactory
for the refining of my gold scrap. The fumes produced by the
simplicity were very corrosive to any and all steel tools in the
area where I was working so ventilation is a necessity. I think the
Simplicity is a very good way to go. If you have any other questions
please let me know,

Sam Patania, Tucson