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Shopping for an oven controller

Could someone recommend a 110v model to control burnout cycles? I
would consider a pre-owned…

Suggestions welcome,

Bob in NC

The one Stuller sells, which used to be sold by Swest is relatively
inexpensive and has been reliable for me for the past three years or
so. Quite flexible, easy to program, plus a couple pre-programed

Paul Reilly

I found this on Ebay for $79, it was a little contrived to hook up
but it is working flawlessly. I use it for lost wax burnout in
conjunction with a separate timer. Set the controller at first
temperature you want and set timer to go off to remind you to up the
temp to your second setting, and third or forth in order and one at
a time, setting timer to remind me again when to reset controller. It
aint the high dollar item but for my purposes I have found it a real
great time saver. My castings are better than ever. Hope this helps!

[eBay link removed. Sorry, no eBay links on Orchid please]

Sandy Sanderson

I would very highly recommend a Ney programmable controller. I have
had two of them for years and have never had a problem (one is at
least 20 years old). They are super easy to program and set. Here is
a link to the unit at Gesswein.

I also bought a Ney Vulcan kiln that has a built in controller. I
don’t like that as well. It’s harder to program and change, I sort
of regret that purchase.


Could anyone recommend a programmable oven controller? I use a small
15 amp kiln for burnout. I would also consider buying a used
controller. You may contact me off forum