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Shop video to connect with customers

There has been a lot of discussion about how to find customers. This
is going to sound very blatant but I’m sure a similar method would
work very well for jewelers. Initially I had a lot of customers
questioning whether or not I really made my own products -they
thought I was importing them from somewhere. So, I had my nephew
make me a video.

I would be willing to bet that a lot of your customers would love to
see you making jewelery. I watch lots of videos on YouTube of
craftsman of all types working at their craft. I have a good friend
who videotaped himself setting a million dollar diamond. He just
hasn’t had the courage to put it on the internet yet. He doesn’t
think anyone would want to watch him set a diamond. I bet everyone
here would like to see someone set a million dollar diamond!

Here is a link to my video.

My nephew made and insisted it needed to have a beginning, middle and
end. He is a media arts graduate from Hastings College.

The Last Stake Maker

I’m sure everyone has a story to tell.


Great video! Your nephew is talented. I’m suffering from some
serious tool envy right now.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

I agree, Kevin. I am amazed at the amount of views I’ve gotten from
my first Youtube video. I’ve also heard that you can get free
distribution to other video sites by using Tube Mogul although I’ve
yet to do this. On a similar note, I’ve just started using Twitter (I
finally gave in this week) and I recognize many of the jewelry folks
on there. So far, it seems faster than Facebook and it’s actually
taking way less time to get followers than anything else I’ve
tried… and it’s pretty easy… you never know where any of
this stuff is gonna get you until you try… I try to
consistently do marketing for my website and tutorials at least a few
hours a week, been doing this now for a few months and have tripled
my traffic to the website…slow going but it does work with
consistent effort.

Lisa Van Herik

Kevin, your nephew did an awesome job–very impressive, and a great
idea! My husband does similar work and we are in the midst of
planning something very similar right now, just to show customers
that I don’t just assemble parts and pieces.

What a great video, I could watch that stuff for hours. When do we
get the next episode? Really a great job!!

Kevin, Just watched your video. Wonderful! From it one gets a total
sense of who you are and what you do. (Great soundtrack, too.) I am
delighted that you are making a reasonably-priced hydraulic press to
compete with the exorbitantly-priced and highly overrated Bonny
Doon. I’ll be buying one from you in the near future.

Gary Strickland, GJG

Say, could you post again the site for your shop video, please?


Gary - I’ve had two of the Bonny Doon presses and couldn’t be
happier. I got the second one to do deep drawing or would still have
the original. No matter what I want to do, there are ready tools to
do the job and they all fit my press. Phil Poirier and Lee Marshall
have done a great service to the metals community to develop the
technique with ready tools. I think Kevin Potter is doing something
useful too - it simply isn’t the same. There are even cheaper
presses. It all depends on your need for quality tools you can use
for many years. I guess I’d compare the Bonny Doon to the lovely
Fretz hammers - you can hammer with less elegant hammers - but they
probably won’t do the job quite as well and you won’t have the joy
of using a fine tool. Some of what we do is about the making and our
joy in creating. I chose a fine tool and have used it daily for more
than fifteen years.

I also like fine automobiles.

Judy Hoch, GG